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Axis Stand & Storage

Axis Roll Reserve and Toilet Paper Holder

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Axis Stand & Storage

Axis stand and storage is an elegant addition to any bathroom. An InterDesign product supporting a brilliant chrome finish is a freestanding toilet paper holder that can store up to three extra rolls of toilet paper. The beauty of the Axis is the instant ease and use. No installation required. Just fill the storage and place a roll on the dispenser axis arm. It’s that easy! When the roll is empty, just replace with a new roll from the reserve. Set and forget. No more embarrassing toilet paper shortages for you or your guest.

The Axis is available in three additional colors, pearl white, pearl champagne and bronze.


InterDesign-Axis-Tissue-Roll-Reserve-Plus-Pearl-White InterDesign-Axis-Tissue-Roll-Reserve-Plus-Pearl-Champagne InterDesign-Axis-Roll-Reserve-Plus-Bronze

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What People are Saying

The Axis is a great replacement for the traditional wall mounted toilet paper holder.

Great toilet paper holder for the office or home with an outstanding look and design that is so easy to use. The best thing about the Axis is you can move it where ever you want.

It is so handy with the extra 3 rolls. You don’t have to run for extra or a refill.

It eliminates twisting to get tissue from the wall mounted holder. Love it!



The Axis stand and storage is 8 x 6.5 x 25 inches and weighs 3.1 pounds.



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