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Chrome Pedestal

Taymor Chrome Pedestal Toilet Paper Holder

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Chrome Pedestal

The Taymor chrome pedestal toilet paper holder is the perfect addition to any bathroom. Its simplicity is unsurpassed. It’s an attractive toilet paper holder for family, guest and everyday use. Portable and easy to keep within reach. For the minimalist, it’s the perfect storage solution for the bathroom. The pedestal provides an extra roll of tissue without looking like storage. Rather, a functional piece within the bathroom setting. And there’s more. The Taymor pedestal is available in 8 finishes. You won’t have any trouble finding a matching color for your décor. Assembly requires no tools. It’s that easy.

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What People are Saying

The color is perfect and looks great. It fits in small bathrooms and great for children. It’s heavy enough that it provides a stable platform for the tissue roll. It doesn’t move around.

The Taymore pedestal is a nice product and so simple to assemble. The base is very solid and the height is accessible with an easy roller. It’s just what we had been looking for.

What’s really nice is that we didn’t want to drill any holes in our walls. This gave us the perfect solution. It’s a great addition to the bathroom.  Wow! I had to have one.



The Taymor Chrome Pedestal is 7.5 x 22 inches and weighs 5.1 pounds.



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