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Classico Stand & Storage

Classico Toilet Paper Holder Stand

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Classico Stand & Storage

The InterDesign Classico Toilet Paper Holder is sleek in design and is a nice fit in any bathroom. Its free standing, portable design makes it perfect for the family and guest. Works wonderfully in any bathroom and goes well with any décor. A centered dispenser balanced over the frame makes taking tissue from the holder easy and convenient. Classico stand holds 3 additional rolls so you never run out of tissue when you need it the most. Made of durable steel construction and chrome finish, the stand is easy to clean and will glisten endlessly. Available in 5 finishes. You’ll have no trouble finding the right color for your décor.

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What People are Saying

Interdesign Classico is a sturdy toilet paper stand and storage. My 3 year old daughter needed a toilet paper holder and this has worked great. She can reach the extra tissue roll when she needs them and the stand doesn’t tilt or fall over when using it.

In our home space is very limited and we are in need of some really good toilet paper holders. The Classico Stand & Storage was the perfect solution. As an added bonus, not only does it look good, it’s sturdy enough for my two kids. I definitely recommend it!



The Interdesign Classico Roll Stand Plus is 7 x 7 x 24 inches and weighs 2.4 pounds.


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