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Deco 79


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Deco 79 Toilet Paper Holder

For home or outdoors, the Deco 79 Toilet Paper Holder is the perfect piece for you. Made of rust free metal alloy, the holder will give you years of utility. It holds two extra rolls of toilet paper so you have tissue at your fingertips at all times. Replacing the tissue roll is easy. The metal spiral sculpture allows the spindle to be removed with ease. Best yet, Deco 79 outdoor décor gives you a full collection of pieces to couple with your toilet paper holder to meet your décor needs.

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What People are Saying

We liked what we saw in the picture and when we got it, we were surprised even more. Deco 79 Toilet Paper Holder was more attractive than its picture.

My new apartment has the tiniest bathroom with the toilet paper holder under the sink. Talk about inconvenient! There is no room on the walls for a new tissue holder and plus, I don’t want to be responsible for drilling holes in the walls. The Deco 79 is the perfect solution. Now I have extra roll storage and extra countertop space too. I love it!



The Deco 79 Metal Toilet Paper Holder is 8 x 7 x 24 inches and weighs 1 pound.


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