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Moen Double

Moen Commercial Chrome Double Toilet Paper Holder


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Moen Double

Moen Commercial Toilet Paper Holder is perfect for the business, office or large families. Its chrome finish creates a bright metallic look that is highly reflective. Crafted in zinc the Moen double’s signature is durability and dependability; covered under a limited lifetime warranty. The high quality finish resists rust and corrosion in any environment and tough for everyday use in high traffic bathrooms. Sleek in style and function the tissue holder coordinates seamlessly with any décor. So there is no worry if your business has multiple locations unique in design, the aesthetic look  will always be a good fit.

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What People are Saying

I really like the design and look of the Moen Commercial Toilet Paper Holder. It was so easy to install and works like a dream.

We remodeled the bathroom in the office. The contractors installed the big industrial toilet paper holders with the big paper rolls. Now we’re replacing them with the Moen double. They look much nicer and we get the bonus of softer, more comfortable tissue.

The toilet paper holder was easy to install. Now I don’t have to worry about running out of tissue when my grandkids come over to visit.



The Moen Commercial Toilet Paper Holder is 1.1 pounds.


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