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Paper Pot

MollaSpace Paper Pot Toilet Paper Holder


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Paper Pot

Winner of the 2008 Good Design Award in Japan, the MollaSpace Paper Pot Toilet Paper and Tissue Paper Holder is multipurpose. It can be used for both toilet paper and tissue paper. The unique design intends to keep tissue dry in a steamy bathroom environment. Ordinary tissue boxes can become wet and warp over time making them undesirable artifacts to keep until the tissue is used up. Unique color variation can be created by mixing and matching the tops and bottoms of different colored MollaSpace paper pots, a modern and colorful solution for the bathroom.

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What People are Saying

My Paper Pot looks just like the picture. I am so happy. I kept my cat from shedding the toilet paper.

It was bigger than expected. It adds a splash of color to any of my rooms. Great idea!

I’m a substitute teacher. None of the rooms have tissue. I don’t want to scavenge around rooms looking for tissue paper. The Paper Pot is awesome!

The Paper Pot is great for travel and camping. If you need your tissue or toilet paper protected, this is it. It looks just like the picture; very handy and durable.



The MollaSpace Paper Pot Toilet Paper Holder is 6.8 x 6.8 x 6.7 inches and 1 pound.


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