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No Peeking Maid

No Peeking Maid Toilet Paper Holder

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No Peeking Maid

Taking domestic service to a new level, the Funny No Peeking Maid stands ready with the toilet paper. Whether it’s your primary source of tissue or backup roll, she stands in service. During the Victorian era, maid service was the second largest employment arena in England. Among the maids many duties are child care, cooking, ironing, washing, cleaning, shopping and even walking the dog, in addition to being family nurse. Dressed in the traditional maid uniform, the No Peeking Maid stands 17 ½ inches tall and can easily be placed on the counter or floor. She is a cold cast resin figure hand painted to perfection.

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What People are Saying

Very good quality and I get compliments all the time.

Love it!

In pursuit of a funny doorstop for our bathroom, we came across the No Peeking Maid. We are extremely happy. She is well constructed with great paint, and puts a smile on everyone’s face when they pass by her. We recommend the maid.



The Funny No Peeking Maid is 10 pounds.


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