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Preston Inspirations

Moen Chrome Preston Inspirations Toilet Paper Holder

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Preston Inspirations

Moen targeted simplicity of function for its Preston accessory collection. Preston Inspirations is subtle in appearance adding accents to décor rather than dominating the visual frame. It’s European style single post feature makes changing empty tissue rolls quick and easy. Pair with other Moen Preston Inspiration pieces for unity in design. Chrome finish generates a bright reflective metallic look to accent your bathroom décor. Concealed screw mounting ensures a graceful integration of the fixture. Sturdy construction of zinc alloy, die cast for strength. Casting is triple plated to fight wear over time. Preston Inspirations comes with Moen limited lifetime warranty.

Preston Inspirations is available in two additional colors, brushed nickel and matte pewter.


Moen Preston Inspirations Paper Holder Brushed Nickel Moen Preston Inspirations Paper Holder Matte Pewter


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What People are Saying

The Moen Preston Inspirations Toilet Paper Holder is well made, heavily construct and easy to install. It can be installed with either one or two screws according to your needs. I can grab the toilet paper roll off the hook. I prefer holding the tissue in my hand. Preston Inspirations convenient and versatile.

Installation was so easy with the single screw anchor. The single arm, open design handles the supper sized TP so easily.

I use 3-ply jumbo rolls in my bathrooms. I you’re a jumbo roll use, you need the Preston Inspirations Toilet Paper Holder. This is the best toilet paper holder I could find and its performance is flawless.



The Moen Preston Inspirations Toilet Paper Holder is 10.9 x 4.2 x 2.7 inches and 3.2 ounces.


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