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Recessed Oil Rubbed Bronze

Recessed Oil Rubbed Bronze Toilet Paper Holder

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Recessed Oil Rubbed Bronze

Whether you’re looking to add a traditional, elegant design touch or replace an existing piece, the Arista Recessed Toilet Paper Holder is the perfect choice. Oil rubbed bronze will match other bathroom fixtures in the same class, integrates seamlessly in marble and wood settings. It’s the perfect piece for rustic vintage décor. The Arista Recessed Toilet Paper Holder is easy to install, makes for easy home improvement projects. The design and quality are unsurpassed. Oil rubbed bronze exterior and galvanized steel backing plate protect against moisture.  Plate prevents rusting to ensure years of enjoyment. The holder is sized to handle big toilet paper rolls.

The Arista Recessed Holder is available in two additional colors, chrome and satin nickel.


Arista Bath Products Recessed Toilet Paper Holder Chrome Arista Bath Products Recessed Toilet Paper Holder Satin Nickel


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What People are Saying

I needed to match my other bathroom fixtures and this was a perfect fit. It’s an easy item to install and is very stylish. The bronze finish is excellent. I highly recommend the Arista Recessed Toilet Paper Holder.

This is my third one. I love it so much because it holds the big rolls. Other holders caused the TP to bind up with big rolls.

Locally I couldn’t find one. They just don’t exist in my town. I went online and I’m glad I did. The Arista Recessed Toilet Paper Holder is a great addition to our new bathroom and matched the décor perfectly.



The Arista Recessed Toilet Paper Holder is 8 x 4 x 4 inches and 14.4 ounces.


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