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Shabby Chic Starfish

Shabb Chic Tropical Starfish Toilet Paper Holder

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Shabby Chic Starfish

Shabby chic is a hot trend in décor. The design trend features a mix of pieces and décor of naturally stressed, weathered antiques or pieces that are artificially hand weathered and distressed. It imparts a feeling of well loves and well used fixtures. And the Shabby Chic Tropical Starfish Toilet Paper Holder is no exception. Wonderfully aged with modest signs of wear and tear the Starfish holder makes the perfect piece for the distressed bathroom. Made of sturdy metal with an antiqued white finish it integrates seamlessly into seaside cottage design ideas. The holder attaches to the wall with matching painted screws.

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What People are Saying

It looks exactly like the picture. We got it for our new bathroom and we love it.

We’ve change our house décor to a beach theme. The Shabby Chic Starfish Toilet Paper Holder fits our bathroom perfectly. It’s easy to install and very sturdy.

We have been looking in the nautical family for a toilet paper holder. The Starfish is the perfect fit.

The nautical décor turned out great in our remodeled bathroom. The Starfish holder and towel hook together really sets off the look. It sticks out from the wall and is able to handle large TP rolls.



The Shabby Chic Tropical Starfish Toilet Paper Holder is 10 x 4 x 5.5 inches and 1 pound.


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