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Venetian Bronze Pedestal

Delta Greenwich Pedestal Toilet Paper Holder

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Venetian Bronze Pedestal

Delta Greenwich Pedestal free standing toilet paper holder is reliable and sturdy. Its single post design is elegant as it is portable. Perfect for the guest bedroom and use in multiple locations throughout the home. You’ll never have to improvise by setting toilet paper out on the counters only to get soaked. The holder works wonderful as an only tissue paper dispenser or backup in times of shortages. Venetian bronze finish is matching for a variety of décor design ideas, great for the vintage touch and provides a rich, warm complement to style. The base has sufficient weight to resist tilting and will never tip over.

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What People are Saying

Great product! We needed something for our camper. It’s great in small spaces. I can move it from one corner to the next with no problem at all. Best yet, I don’t have to drill holes in the wall.

The Venetian Bronze Pedestal was a really good match for our other Delta faucets, toilet handle and towel racks. Good price too!

I love it! The Delta Greenwich Pedestal is the perfect height and color. I have the king of small bathrooms and this really fit the bill. My neighbor saw it and bought one too. We’re both really happy.



The Delta Greenwich Pedestal Toilet Paper Holder is 7.9 x 7.9 x 22.4 inches and 6 pounds.


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